Payment Gateways page shows you all payment gateways which available in Real Easy Store. And is pretty straightforward, with two sections.

Installed Gateways

The payment methods currently enabled at your account, beside each one there're three buttons which are configure, disable, uninstall. A configure button allows you to manage the gateways as shown here.

Uninstalled Gateways

The payment methods which disable on your account, beside each one there is one button which is install gateway. to use this method just click "Install Gateway" button, then click enable. Now this method is active to you.

Real Easy Store offers multiple payment methods, from bank deposit to online payment gateways. The following core payment methods are available with Real Easy Store installation:

Online Payment Gateway Offline Payment Gateway Instore Payment Gateway
2Checkout Bank Deposit Balance
FirstData Payeezy Cash Payment Free Checkout
MasterCard MIGS Western Union
MasterCard MPGS Redirect
PayPal Express Checkout
Skrill Quick Checkout

Install Gateway

Click on "Install Gateway" button to install any uninstalled gateway, when you click on this button this gateway will install and appear in the upper (installed) section, and will be ready to configuration.