Each submission on the API adheres to JSON format which about pairs of keys and its values.

All API responce code will be one of this codes in the table

HTTP Status Code Descriptiontion
200 OK Successful.
400 Bad Request Bad input parameter. Error message should indicate which one and why.
403 Forbidden
  • Customer doesn’t exist.
  • Application not registered.
  • Application try to access to properties not belong to an App.
  • Application try to trash/purge root node.
  • Application try to update content Properties.
  • Operation is blocked (for third-party apps).
  • Customer account over quota.
404 Not Found Resource not found.
50x Internal Server Error,servers are not working as expected. The request is probably valid but needs to be requested again later.

-If responce code is "OK".The responce will be as below.