The "Orders" page enables you to see all of the information about all the purchases from your License Manager, organized by date (by default, it is set to sort from newest to oldest).

You can filter the results and easily find the orders you're looking for by using the fields above. For instance, to identify Mr. Doe's orders, type "Doe" into the "Search" field.

This page gives you list of all orders.

Creating an Order

Clicking "New Order" opens a new page with Select options and text fields.

Managing order information

In order to process the orders, you have to view the information they contain.

From the Orders page, click on the line containing the order, or click on the "Manage" button to the right of the order.

The order page, which has been redesigned in license Manager, makes it easier to manage an order thanks to enhanced tabs.


The order detail sheet fills a full page.

At this page is a quick summary of the order: order number, plan, license key, user who made this order, order statu complete or pending and paid or not, date it has been validated, total amount of money.

To pay this order, add payment from any installed gateway, just click on "Add Payment" button and start to fill information need for paying.


This the transaction for this order, show payment gateway, amount money paid, date of transaction and transaction status complete or not.