The first page gives you a list of all the registered users on your system.

This gives you a bird's eye view of your users, with some details thrown in which you can use to sort and search accounts:

Creating a new user account

To create a customer account manually, select "New user". A form will appears.

Fill out the user's information through tabs:

Info tab

Profile tab

Complete the personsl information: full name the name is used in the confirmation emails that Licenses Manager sends, phone, country, city and address.

Permissions tab

Through this tab, you determine user permission if the is system user, click on "System User" box. Select from all permission template you have created before in permissions templates page under system menu, or click on the small box beside required permission.

Viewing a user's information

In the case where you would like to have more information on a given user, you can click on the "view" button, located at the end of the row in the user's list. A new page appears.


Provide you with some key data on the user.

Searching for a user

The search method consists of entering the information you have into the Licenses Manager search bar, which is found in the top of your back office.

Also you can filter user with user's status (active or inactive), verified or not and role (system or customer).