The API uses a simple authentication mechanism to validate each request. The authentication credentials are signed using an MD5 hash that is passed in the request header section

The following details are used to authenticate the request.


A static key generated to authenticate your access to the API.


an MD5 hash of the apiScript and concatenated the value of all parameter a, b, api_key, license_key and post_token. First sort for a, b, api_key, license_key, post_token and concatenate them .second concatenate apiScript and sorted parameters and then hashed using the MD5 algorithm.

For Example

postData. Is an array contain all request parameters a,b,api_key,license_key,post_token and signature.

$signature .= $val
$postData['signature'] = md5($apiSecret.$signature)

Please note that the MD5 hash must be presented in lower-case hexadecimal The following online tool can be used to MD5 encrypt your string: